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May 27, 2010

Tea ceremony!

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 …People drink tea very common in modern society. I do not know anyone who knows tea have some great relevance with your zodiac. Here to talk about the different zodiac, the drinking of tea may also differ.


Mouse, free, horse, sheep
Health problems: depression, bipolar disorder

Corresponding tea: Chinese wolfberry, roses, tea, wheat, dates, malt, Lily


Health problems: the desire is too strong, heart disease

Corresponding tea: wheat, dates, green tea

Tiger, Rooster

Health problems: decreased immunity, endocrine disorders, insomnia
Corresponding tea: Astragalus, Lycium, Ginseng, garlic, Chinese wolfberry, Chinese yam, Gorgon

Health problems: Over-indulgence, gynecological diseases
Corresponding tea: mulberry, wheat, dates 

Snakes, dogs
Health problems: too much eat and sleep,obesity, bacterial infections and epidemics
Corresponding tea: coix seed, cassia, green tea, Chinese wolfberry, lotus

Health problems: Joints pain, osteoporosis, migraine
Corresponding tea: coix seed, orange peel

Health problems: Chest tightness,trachea,respiratory tract,complications of influenza
Corresponding tea: Onion, bean, chrysanthemum, ginger


The Best Gem for Your Sign

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Many people know their birthstones from western astrology , but do you know the best jewel for you in the Chinese zodiac? In Chinese astrology, each of 12 stones is believed to have certain powers and influences specially matched to bring out your animal sign’s natural luck, and balance the uniquely challenging areas of your life. If you’re considering adding to your jewelry collection this holiday season, or that of someone you love, you may wish to make your list using the wisdom of Chinese astrology. 

RAT: Garnet
Garnet fosters loyalty and passion in your life. Its deep red color is associated with lasting love. Charming Rat is also a relentless thinker, and garnet should ward off melancholy, pessimistic thoughts. Garnets are believed to guard against theft. Thrifty Rat knows, however, this added security should not replace the home alarm system. 

OX: Garnet
Aquamarine cultivate peaces of mind for the Ox, whose persevering nature requires both emotional and physical strength. Its pale blue color is reminiscent of tranquil waters, and even land-loving Oxen should emulate the Chinese fishermen, who carry them for protection against deadly squalls. 

TIGER: Sapphire

Sapphire, a stone of guidance, is also referred to as the “third eye.” Sapphire boosts the Tiger’s ability to concentrate and visualize, and to see what is right and true in the midst of so many temptations. The deep blue stone fortifies the Tiger’s position as a natural leader with unshakeable inner confidence. In a Tiger year, wearing sapphire is a lucky move for everyone.  

Aligned with innocence and purity, the smooth white pearl guards against corruption. Single Rabbits take note! A pearl is worn to help find your soul mate. Before Red Bull, Rabbits adorned themselves in pearls for that extra boost of energy they sometimes need. 

DRAGON: Amethyst
Like Dragon itself, amethyst is associated with powerful forces, including intuition, wealth, royalty and spirituality. It enhances psychic ability and is used for meditating as well as warding off destructive addictions. In fact, some wear the purple gem at parties to avoid inebriation. Moderation is slightly more effective, of course, but a strategy that holds little appeal for Dragons.  

Don’t be fooled by superstitions that opals are unlucky. Especially for Snake, these mysteriously multicolored stones connote honor, spiritual journeys and the power of the mind. Snakes who are active dreamers should wear opals for more potent visions. Indeed, it is considered the “dream stone”, and solicits good advice from spirits during sleep.  

HORSE: Topaz
The sparkling, golden-yellow hue of topaz is a source of inspiration. For free-spirited Horse, it channels your inborn originality, imagination and courage into high-flying action and triumph. Topaz should be worn for a helpful advantage when seeking creative solutions to problems that stand between you and your desires.  

SHEEP: Emerald

Amorous Sheep’s powers of attraction are enhanced by the green emerald. Known for rarity, it’s connected with love and money, but also signifies integrity, truth and self-knowledge. Emerald is the gem of the mother goddess. According to legend, it acts as an enchanting truth-serum. Those wearing emeralds find it difficult to lie.  

MONKEY: Peridot
Peridot combats the negative energy of envious people. The multi-talented Monkey arouses jealousy in others from time to time, so it’s no wonder peridot is her lucky stone. Known as the “ego stone” for its ability to soothe wounded pride and soften rising tempers, the olive green gem is also used in Chinese wedding ceremonies.  

ROOSTER: Citrine
Flamboyant Rooster revels in the abundance and intellectual achievement cultivated by citrine. Called the “stone of success”, citrine is used by students and teachers to broaden the mind. Because it is affiliated with material wealth, according to tradition, the pale yellow gem should only be given to people with generous hearts! 

DOG: Diamond
Diamond. Referred to as the “morality stone”, diamonds are believed to enhance fidelity, friendship and virtue. For the Dog, loyal champion of good, it also offers protection against evil and anxiety, and serves as a link to the divine. While diamonds are a Dog’s best friend, you won’t hear complaints from any sign receiving this gem. 

PIG: Ruby
Peaceable Pig also tends to be popular, and a ruby — the red “stone of the famous” — can make even home-loving Pigs well-known far and wide. It symbolizes leadership, good fortune and health, once coveted by emperors to ward off illness. Used in traditional medicine to create body heat, it couldn’t hurt to experiment with this unusual quality at home.

Zodiac Love – preferred the best match

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How do the match with Zodiac? The following is a Zodiac matching object, Look at quickly what your zodiac with the best match it!

Rat’s match

With Dragon: Energetic dragon makes mice happy, mice praise can move the hearts of dragons.

With cattle: Moderate cattle makes mice play a cute, optimistic side,comfort the emotional hearts of mice.

Should avoid horses, rabbits, sheep.


Ox’s match
With mice: Warm mouse bring happy for silence cattle. Bovine loyalty, spare time.

With Snake: As long as the snake loyalty to be cattle, snakes can be played according to their own careers.

With rooster: Full of leadership to make conservative chicken obedience to one’s needs.

Should avoid with sheep, horses, dogs.


Dragon’s match

With mice: Wayward Dragon will compliment mouse moved, the dragon also appreciate the pragmatic and humorous mice.
With monkeys: We all have creativity, hit it off, but the monkey not to long so small means.

With rooster: Rooster will worship dragons, the Dragon case of setbacks, the chicken will encourage the faithful in the next.

Should avoid with dogs.


The attitude of love is very emotional, such as the appointment will be very keen to arrange dinner and movie. Roosters biggest love secret is like a kite as sometimes tension, sometimes to relax.

Best match: With cattle, horses, snakes.


Poor verbal emotional expression of dogs, for love, they will usually consider widely, hoping to seek out all levels to get the most appropriate balance. Therefore, when fall in love, need more training around the romantic atmosphere, carefully arrange appointments and the opportunity to accelerate a successful romance.

Best match: with tiger, rabbit, horse.

May 6, 2010


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Keychains/Mobile phone chain:


Posters:                                                                                                                                 Mugs:



Hair Accessories:

Souvenirs and gifts

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Coins:                                                                     Gold Package:

Green Jade Chinese Zodiac–Amulet Pendant

Figures                                                         Crystals                                                                       Ceramics



  Limited edition Gold Disk                                                              


Choose your lucky color!

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  • From the Chinese Zodiac Find your lucky color

Good at using the five elements color, according to each person’s zodiac, the five elements, In daily life, clothing style etc to do with color, can be a plus for happiness!

Tigerrabbit belong to wood, suitable for black and green to do with;
Snake, horse belong to  fire, use green, red is very good;

Monkey, chicken is golden, the most suitable for yellow, white lines;
Pigs, rats are water, black and white can be effective with bonus points;

Ox, dragon, sheep, dogs belong to territory, suitable for red, yellow. Consistency of the zodiac, each other’s lucky color can be used with each other, other colors do color matching utility, and practical, as long as the visual coordination is OK.

  • Colorful life

    In addition to use the zodiac five elements to select auspicious color, and sometimes we can according to mood or expected live to pick auspicious color, because each color has a special significance. As long as its use in daily life throughout, including color space, individual dress, can bring their own different life changes.


With a pure heart, free feeling. The people who have large the emotional ups and downs or want to reconcile human relationships, the green will help calm their relations with others.
Suitable for occupation: Medical work

The color is full of vitality, can enrich our heart for lives, increase mobility, but also to improve their vitality at work. Suitable for occupation: services

With the cohesion of the force, is often used to increase wealth, to increase opportunities of  make money. Usually people are full of wealth, yellow is the distribution of gas field. Suitable for occupation: services

Given the pure, simple, naive feeling, can bring us the happiness of mind.
Suitable for occupation: financial, military and police industry

Color of mysterious sense, because of black relatively low energy field, recommended to choose “light black”, that “out of luck.”

An unique color, with significance of belief and religion, can help us create the command, in spiritual growth. Suitable for occupation: communication work

Romantic, sweet color, gave people a longing for. Proper use, help to get other people’s love.


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Dancer Zodiac watch fall in love with Chinese elements

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23 August, internationally renowned Swiss watch and jewelry brand Court in Shanghai Xintiandi, Villa du Lac Lake was held the new conference for Court Dancer Zodiac watch series. The count specifically add into ancient and profound Chinese cultural elements on the design, Introducing a set of 12 models of Dancer Zodiac watch series. Earl Dancer Zodiac watch series a total of 12 models, inspired by the traditional Chinese Lunar New Year in Chronicles, each watch is a lifelike image of zodiac animals.

April 20, 2010

Large-scale visual drama

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<<Zodiac>>, the hero of the play will be a child, representing the world’s children live together with the Zodiac. A variety of Chinese cultural elements and the relationship between the zodiac, through modern means and a very distinctive visual effects showing up, the theme focuses on the environmental and water resources protection. Environmental protection as a theme, telling a modern story. The drama spent 1 hour and 7 minutes, the play no lines, break the “old … …” the way of telling the story, is a play of stressed body language. Through visual images, symbols, metaphors and so on, to represent the story, music aid. Using a paper-cutting, shadow play, seals and other Chinese traditional elements in the play, the Great Wall and kite also will appear that, actors also will be at the theater on the calligraphy of the “Dragon.” This expression of No language will break the boundaries, more conducive to promoting the world.

April 19, 2010

Feng Shui

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What does Chinese Feng Shui have to do with the Chinese Zodiac? More than you probably realize. Both Feng Shui and the Chinese Zodiac are based in part on the interactions of the 5 elements on one’s destiny. These 5 elements of metal, water, wood, fire and Earth have been a driving force in Chinese culture for thousands of years.

What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is based in the belief that creation of the “perfect” internal and external environment can cure both the body and the soul. Consequently, only when the body and soul are in harmony can a person be most successful. The basic principles involved with Feng Shui include the 5 elements, yin and yang, compass positions, the environment and the solar system. The Chinese Zodiac relies on the positioning of heavenly bodies as well as the interaction of the 5 elements, yin and yang, the 12 branches and the 10 heavenly stems.

Chinese Feng Shui attempts to harness the Earth’s good fortune in an effort to determine one’s destiny. It is not superstition as some believe. It is very real and homeowners and business owners alike are seeking Feng Shui experts to help create environments that eliminate negative energy or “Chi” and promote positive energy. Those who practice Feng Shui have seen their success and their profits soar!

The importance of birth information

The Chinese horoscope is integral to the workings of Chinese Feng Shui which is why the first step requires that the individual requesting Feng Shui provide his date, location and time of birth. The birth year will correspond with one of the 8 numbers representing the 8 different compass directions. These 8 numbers are called Patzu.  

With this information, the Feng Shui expert uses a specialized tool called the Ba Gua. It’s an octagon-shaped chart, the bottom of which is positioned at the front door of space to be worked on. The chart helps determine the positioning of the different colors, water sources and other elements that will be used in the space as well as the overall positioning of the furnishings within that space. Feng Shui also involves incorporating certain objects made out of specific materials because having such items is another way of ensuring good fortune.

The Chinese horoscope is consulted to determine more specific details about the different objects and materials that should be included in the room design to promote the most positive energy. Based on the traits of each of the 12 animals, calculation of the elements deemed most suitable for that individual including colors, numbers and proper positioning (north, south, east or west) can be further determined.

The underlying principles of Chinese Feng Shui and the Chinese Zodiac are somewhat difficult to comprehend and implement properly. If you’re interested, the best approach is to find someone who understands how the different principles interact with one another and allow that person to “Feng Shui” your space. Then, after a few months, you can decide for yourself whether or not you feel more positive energy in your life!

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